Legal and regulatory documentation

If you require a copy of our Professional Client Terms of Business please email

Best Execution and Order Handling Policy

Panmure Liberum Limited’s approach to best execution and order handling is described in our policy

Allocation Policy

Summary Conflicts of Interest Policy

Complaints Procedure

Trade Reporting and Transaction Reporting

Where possible Panmure Liberum reports all trading on venue.

Panmure Liberum transaction reports at the client order level using the DEAL capacity.

For further information regarding our approach to trade and transaction reporting please email

Systematic Internaliser?

Panmure Liberum is not a systematic internaliser.

Designated Reporter?

When trading with Professional and Eligible Counterparty Clients, Panmure Liberum considers that the majority of it’s executions will be effected on venue or capable of being brought on exchange through the LSE’s rules. However, there may be a small number of occasions where this would not be the case and in order to cover those circumstances, Panmure Liberum is registered as a Designated Reporter with the FCA. This registration can be found on the FCA’s website:

Arrangements for the payment for research

Panmure Liberum is not contracted by corporate clients to produce research and we therefore charge our institutional clients for our research. If you would like to receive our research, please contact the Corporate Investor Relations team at or the Client Strategy team at for further information regarding our research offering, costs and what new documentation will be required.

Regulatory Disclosures

Please see here for Panmure Liberum's Regulatory Disclosures. 

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